What is Research Gap and How to Identify It?

Define Research Gap

The research gap is the space that is visible in the main focus of work with flaws. It is the loophole that is not covered by the past investigations, the current study identifies it! The research gap is simply named as the missing building blocks of the whole research which is demanding to be properly added with the help of the current investigation to justify the existence of the new work done in the same niche.

How can identifying Research Gap Help Your Thesis?

Nothing is useless if you are investigating a topic, it is ideal to promise improvement and ensure the quality of work. The worth of your work will be there by identifying the gaps. It will help you in the following ways:

Increase value of present study

The research gap is for sure help to the current investigation plan as it is going to manage support for the current analysis of work and make your work worth it. If you are saying that something is missing in the past studies then it is sure that if you are covering the concern then you are doing that work. It will help the work look worthwhile and important for the readers.


Helpful for seeing work plan

The gap will help you have a wide area of work, it is going to idealize that you can do better than others. The work plan will add the missing spaces for sure so the work plan will attain the best shape in this regard. You should see the missing concerns as important to link the work of previous investigators with your efforts.

Help out future investigators

You are going to add the missing parts of the puzzle! So it is sure that you are playing an animated role in this regard. You are not doing a time pass or simple chore. Your work is going to be valuable in future to ensure the value of current analysis and investigation. The role of the present work will be important and it will also add weightage to your work for sure.

Ways & Tools To Identify The Research Gaps

Read extensively on the chosen topic

To find out where the gap lies, first do a thorough reading of the area of the research thesis topic. The websites of prominent journals related to the chosen field are a great place to start. Reading meta-analyses related to the topic also gives you a helpful idea about the existing trends in the research field, and what has been missing.

Look for what the prominent authors in the field have worked on

By finding prominent authors in the field and what they have worked on previously, you can get an idea of what the research has already accomplished. You can also look at what the authors are currently researching to get an idea of the current trends in the literature.

Make use of online tools

Tools such as Essential Science Indicators can help in finding new areas of research in the field. Looking through the upcoming trends in the research area, new avenues for research can be found. Other tools such as Google Scholar make it very easy to search for keywords related to the research topic and find the most cited sources in the area.

Make a map of the literature

After you have read and searched for trends, a map of the main ideas can be made. You can use simple tools of mind mapping and Venn diagrams to organise the main ideas and see where there is a need for further investigations in the field. This visual depiction of ideas makes it easy to find gaps in the existing research.

Seek help from your supervisor

If you are having trouble finding an area of a gap in the chosen field of literature, it is always a good idea to seek help from your supervisor. Getting an outside opinion might help in identifying an area you had not considered.

What To Do, After Finding the Research Gaps?

Find the relevant gap to fill

The many gaps in literature call for the need to decide which topic to pursue your research. for those who really need topics related like law research paper, It is important to see what is feasible for your situation, which areas will be of the most benefit to study for your field, and what are your abilities as a researcher. These questions will help you filter out the most relevant research gap to address for your research.

Find sources to create a research question based on the chosen gap

Once you have picked the research gap, it is time to search for sources on it. By doing the research you can come to understand the main arguments made regarding the topic, and what evidence exists to support them. Then you can create your research questions and decide your research aim.

Checklist for research gap

  • Read extensively
  • Look for missing parts in the literature
  • Make a map of the existing literature to find new areas
  • Take help from online tools such as Essential Science Indicator

Do’s and Don’ts of Research Gap

What to do and what to avoid in finding a research gap


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