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sports business management research topics

Sports management research topics refer to the specific areas of study within the field of sports management. The academics, researchers, and practitioners design sport management thesis topics to gain a deeper understanding of various aspects related to the administration, organization, marketing, and operation of sports-related activities.

Barriers That Keep Students Away From Exploring Their Research Potential

Creating the best sports management dissertation topics can be a challenging task for students due to several factors. Here are some difficulties they might encounter:

  • Sports management often intersects with various fields, such as business, economics, psychology, and sociology. Integrating these disciplines in sports business management dissertation topics while maintaining a coherent focus can be complex.
  • The sports industry is multifaceted, involving various stakeholders, including athletes, teams, fans, sponsors, and governing bodies. Addressing the complexities of this industry in diversified sport management research topic ideas can be daunting.
  • Sometimes, students might lack guidance from advisors or mentors who have expertise in sports management. This can make it harder to refine ideas and receive valuable feedback.
  • Data collection on sports business research topics can be a significant challenge, especially when dealing with sensitive information or proprietary data from sports organizations. Limited access to data can hinder the feasibility of certain research topics.

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    A Sneak Peak of the Lists of Sports Business Research Topics Ideas 2023

    Whether you’re aiming to uncover ground-breaking insights into event management strategies, harness the power of sports marketing dissertation topics, or explore the fusion of media and technology in fan engagement, our team of experts is dedicated to crafting a research support plan that aligns seamlessly with your aspirations. Have a look at some of our topics:


    To examine the impact of sponsorship on the sports business industry and compare successful sponsorship strategies implemented in various sports.


    • To look at the current sponsorship landscape in the sports business industry.
    • To inspect effectively sponsorship methodologies utilized by various games.
    • To identify best practices and suggestions for sports organizations to improve the overall value proposition for sponsors.

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    The aim is to look at how digital marketing affects sports business management and come up with effective ways to get fans involved and build brand loyalty in the digital age.


    • To look at the ongoing scenes of computerized advertising in the game business industry.
    • To evaluate the effectiveness of various digital marketing channels and platforms used in sports.
    • To create a framework for a sports organization to use when developing and implementing successful digital marketing strategies.


    The exploration expects to recognize the best practices and methodologies that add to the outcome of games and upgrade the general fan insight.


    • To break down a critical part of game administration, including occasion arranging, scene choice, operations, advertising, and hazard the board.
    • To analyze the systems and approaches that have prompted their prosperity.
    • To come up with sets of guidelines and suggestions for managers and organizers of sporting events to improve the planning, execution, and fan experience of sporting events.

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    The aim is to assess the roi (return on investment) of athletes’ endorsement deals in support of the business sector. To look at the factor that leads successful athletes to endorsement and how they affect brand recognition, consumer perception, and financial outcomes for brands.


    • To look at the current state of athlete endorsement deals in the supports business industry.
    • To assess the viability of competitor underwriting bargains.
    • To survey the monetary results and profit from speculation for brands.


    The research aims to look at successful methods of facility management and offer suggestions for sports organizations on how to get the most out of their revenue potential. To investigate sports office executives and recognize methodologies for ideal usage and income age in arenas and fields.


    • To investigate the aspects of sport facility management, such as facility design, operation, upkeep, and event planning.
    • To make suggestions for sports organizations on how to improve their strategies for managing facilities.


    The aim is to investigate how big data can be used for performance analysis, fan engagement, and decision-making, as well as the role that data analytics plays in the sports business sector.


    • To investigate the current state of data analytics in the business sector including data sources, analysis tools, and methods.
    • To evaluate how data analytics can be used in performance analysis.
    • To figure out how data analytics, like personalized experiences, targeted marketing campaigns, and real-time insight for fan interaction.

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    The aim is to investigate how sporting events affect sports tourism and destination management from social and economic perspectives.


    • To look at how the event affects the economy of the cities and regions.
    • To evaluate the social effect that major sporting events have on the communities that host them.
    • To examine the strategies and best practices in sport tourism and destination management for hosting project events.


    The study aims to investigate the difficulties and potentially open doors in sports broadcasting and media privileges the executives in the computerized time.


    • To inspect the ongoing scene of sports broadcasting and media freedom for the executives.
    • To assess the difficulties broadcasters and owners of rights face in the digital age.
    • To investigate the possibilities that digital platform offers for sports broadcasting.


    The aim is to investigate the roles of ethical decision–making and csr in sports business.


    • To investigate the ethical problem that sports business organization face.
    • To examine how csr project affects stakeholder in sports business organization.
    • To make suggestion on how to improve ethical decision-making.

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    Creating the best sports business management research topics requires a combination of creativity, thorough research, industry awareness, and effective communication with mentors and peers.

    • Our researchers thoroughly review existing literature to identify gaps and opportunities for original research.
    • The Research Guardian offer regular discussions with advisors to provide insights, direction, and feedback on the sports business management thesis topics development process.
    • Our researchers engage with professionals in the sports industry to create football business dissertation ideas that identify relevant issues and trends.
    • Our experts conduct pilot studies or surveys to provide an initial understanding of the feasibility of sports coaching dissertation ideas and potential challenges.
    • We collaborate with peers, experts, or organizations to provide access to resources, data, and different perspectives.

    List of Evergreen Sport Business Research Topics for 2022

    Bachelors Fan Engagement Strategies in Modern Sports Marketing
    Bachelors Impact of Major Sporting Events on Local Economies
    Bachelors Athlete Branding and Endorsement Deals
    Bachelors Effectiveness of Sports Analytics in Team Performance Improvement
    Masters Impact of Digital Transformation on Fan Engagement in Sports
    Masters Sustainability Strategies in Sports Organizations
    Masters Athlete Branding and Personal Image Management
    Masters E-sports Industry Growth and Management Challenges
    Ph.D. Sustainable Event Management Strategies in Major Sporting Events
    Ph.D. Data-Driven Decision-Making in Sports: Integrating Analytics into Management Practices
    Ph.D. Leadership and Organizational Dynamics in Sports: A Comparative Analysis of Professional Leagues
    Ph.D. Navigating the Intersection of Sports, Media, and Technology: Fan Engagement in the Digital Age

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