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As field expert/ professionals from  the renowned institutes are aware of importance of Inventory Management for proper tracking the supplies in any business along with determining their exact prices, for better customer satisfaction, so, here we are providing the best Inventory Management Thesis topics for students to complete their MBA degree successfully. We intend to provide our viewers best services to reach out their goals and build their strong career ahead. Some of the attractive Inventory Management Thesis Topics are discussed below, within different headings. These topics will help students holding proper research that will help them in inventory management skills at the corporate level, when entering to the market.

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    List of best Inventory Management Thesis topics for combating today’s challenging market.

    1. Impact of Inventory Management system on the sales of E-commerce
    2. Influence of Covid19 towards global Inventory Management.
    3. Evaluating role of AI in making accurate stock decisions at Amazon. A new approach for combing AI and Inventory Management.
    4. How does the online retailer handle large amount of sales? A case study of the Amazon’s Inventory Management practices.

    These topics are challenging in a way that they are providing researchers with the idea of finding in-depth information related to the issues being frequently faced in today’s world. E-commerce and globalisation is emerging with the rapid pace and is replacing the traditional methods of business. Similarly, the businesses today need smart ways to manage their systems as well, by using Artificial Intelligence habits. These suggested topics will help students in better understanding by implementing these to the practical, real-life market scenarios, and those influencing the businesses by different means. Also, Pandemic impacts and their precautions are important and challenging to be understood.

    List of Latest Inventory management Research topics for 2023

    You should take a break and assess if you are wasting your time in thinking about the topics for research on inventory management topic. Inventory management is the tough topic to be chosen for mastering in your academic path. Many students needs to seek aid from the online writing service providers, and result in achieving the higher scores. So, if you want to create an outstanding research that will be highly acceptable, you may use our generated list of greatest Inventory management Research topics to be carried further in 2023, which are:

    1. Importance of ERP system in increasing the Inventory Management productivity in fashion industry of the UK.
    2. Role of proper Inventory Management on SME’s financial performance, in the UK.
    3. Impact of Inventory Management habits on the marketing performance of the UK automotive industry.
    4. Critically exploring the capital cost of inventory handling. How can this be minimised to the best?
    5. Analysing the emergency shipping and allocation decisions in multi-echelon inventory control.

    These topics help in better understating students with the UK economy’s inventory management systems and their impacts can be better seen in the financial, marketing and management performance. Students can freely use these topics and broaden their knowledge levels, related to the inventory management and related benefits.

    Things to consider while choosing your MBA research topics on inventory management

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    Research Topics along with their Aims and Objectives;

    Aim and objectives

    This study mainly intends to identify the impacts of Inventory management systems towards the online business systems that has been growing with a rapid pace these days. To find this, objectives have been further divided into sub-objectives;

    • To identify what impacts Inventory Management systems overall are causing to the businesses, referencing to their online environment.
    • To determine the impacts of lead time, management system, suppliers and financial factors on the e-commerce operations of the businesses
    • It ultimately aims to find and suggest the methods for the operational improvements in the e-commerce environment of businesses.

    Aim and objectives

    • This study aims to identify how organisational logistic systems have been impacted by Pandemic-19.
    • To analyse the impacts of Covid-19 lockdowns causing on financial factors of the businesses.
    • To identify the impacts of logistics and financial factors towards the inventory management systems and their ultimate impact on the organisational managerial performance.
    • To make recommendations for improving the post-pandemic management systems in the organisations.

    Aim and objectives

    • This study aims to identify how Inventory Management system of the Amazon works, for that following are the objectives set of the study:
    • To evaluate the impact of organitsional Artificial Intelligence over managerial decisions at Amazon business operations.
    • To evaluate the role of stock management and delivery systems on the inventory management systems of the Amazon.
    • To identify what issues are being caused by improper stock planning, fulfilment, and controlling in the Inventory Management processes of

    Aim and objectives

    The main objectives of this study are:

    • To find out sales handling ways for Inventory Management of Amazon.
    • To analyse Amazon’s inventory turnover rates, quarterly, for analysing their large sales management.
    • To analyse periodic fluctuations in Amazon’s Inventory and its changing management practices.
    • To provide recommendations for optimising the IT ratios/ rates for effective inventory management.

    Aim and objectives

    • This study mainly focuses on determining the relationship between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and Inventory Management productivity, with respect to UK’s fashion industry.
    • To analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the Warehouse management systems in the UK’s fashion industry.
    • To see positive impacts of managing warehouse spaces to increase the productivity of fashion sector of the United Kingdom.
    • To analyse importance of inventory control systems automation for synchronising the materials with organisational production requirements for inventory.

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    Aim and objectives

    This study focuses on proper management systems of UK SMEs’ Inventory and their impact on their financial performances overall. To fulfil that objective, the study has been further sub-divided into smaller objectives, such as:

    • Examining positive and negative impacts of Inventory management to organisational performance of UK SMEs
    • Examine the relationship between the inventory turnover and the Profitability of SMEs in the UK.
    • Determine the impact of inventory leanness on the profitability of UK’s SMEs.

    Aim and objectives

    • To analyse the effect of Inventory Management practices on building credibility of automotive industry of the UK.
    • To analyse the automotive sector’s performance by
    • Analysing the impacts of Inventory’s Strategic planning on the customer engagement and customer retention rates on the UK automotive industry.
    • Analysing the impact of accurate reordering point formula to the customers’ retention rates on the automotive industry of the UK.

    Aim and objectives

    • To explore Inventory handling costs of the businesses.
    • To identify the fees required for holding inventory in the warehouse
    • To find out the effective strategies that are used for minimising the inventory costs for storing and stocking in the warehouses.
    • To suggest the implementation of effective strategies for minimising the costs and maximising the profits, with respect to the inventory management at organisations.

    Aim and objectives

    This study has following objective sets to cover:

    • To analyse the relationship between the emergency shipping and the multi-echelon inventory control.
    • To analyse the relationship between the allocation decision and the multi-echelon inventory control.
    • To provide exact analysis of the allocation policies for stock allocation.
    • To suggest recommendations to the multi-echelon inventory optimisation.

    Aim and objectives

    • To analyse the sales orders’ impact on the employee contribution recognition with respect to the manufacturing sectors of SMEs.
    • To analyse impact of timely inventory purchases on the employee satisfaction in the manufacturing sectors of the SMEs.
    • To analyse the impact of timely inventory purchases on the employee loyalty in the SMEs; manufacturing sector.
    • Analysing the impact of order fulfilment on the SMEs’ coaching and development processes.

    Aim and objectives

    • This study aims to identify and analyse the impacts of effective tracking of goods through supply chain on the organisational humanitarian assistance, in the UK.
    • To examine the goods’ tracking impacts over immediate relief operations for human in UK organisations.
    • To analyse the impacts of barcode systems on the immediate humanitarian relief operations in the UK.
    • To analyse impact of right inventory control systems on the immediate humanitarian relief operations with respect to the UK’s perspective.

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    Aim and objectives

    This study focuses on the following objectives to fulfil:

    • To analyse impact of systematic assessment and agenda on the organisational international purchasing systems.
    • To analyse impact of systematic assessment and agenda on the organisational logistic management systems.
    • To analyse the impact of systematic assessment and agenda on the organisational supply chain management.
    • To analyse the impact of systematic assessment and agenda on the organisational management towards raw material, WIP (work in process), and the finished goods of the inventory materials.

    Aim and objectives

    • To identify and describe the industrial aspects of combined inventory management and routing in the road-based and maritime transportations.
    • Analysing the effect of production and consumption facilities and their proper management on the transportation concerns of the industrial shipping.
    • To create an effective future path for businesses to get benefited from advanced decisions support systems for their complex situations, referring to their combined inventor management and routing facilities.
    • To provide the recommendations on the logistics route optimisation, by means of analysing it from the industrial perspective.

    Aim and objectives

    This study focuses on the objectives:

    • To determine the relationship/ connection between inventory controls and the price theory.
    • To determine the relationship between the proper warehouse management on minimising the total cost of inventory.
    • To determine the relationship between the stock repurchasing and re-ordering on minimising the total cost of inventory.
    • To recommend the well-known effective inventory control for the better pricing strategies towards enhanced organisational performance.

    Aim and objectives

    This study aims the following:

    • First, to determine the risk aversion ways in the multi-period inventory models.
    • To find out the problems faced by different inventory control systems towards loss-averse retailer along with the operational financial constraint, within periodic review.
    • To determine the effective traditional structure for the optimal-risk neutral inventory policies.
    • To provide the effective policies and structure, bets suitable for averting risks in the inventory management such as: Warehousing, stock management, and logistics management, etc.

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