Google Scholar Research topics: The Ultimate Guide for all

Google Scholar Research topics

Google Scholar research topics serves as free search engine for the academic purpose, can be treated as an academic version of the Google. Instead of searching all of the indexed information on websites, it helps in searching the sources of publishers, scholarly and universities websites. Simply, it can be called as small pool’ subset that Google searches.

Google scholar research topics are useful in every domain either: finance, marketing, or management, law, or business: can be used by anyone, such as marketers, academics, analysts, and any researcher. It serves as search engine for scholarly literature. It’s a source for articles to be found to related niche topics and help them being added to the Google Scholar’s library.

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    Google Scholar Thesis Topics as an effective source towards successful grades

    It serves with the wide range of research topics for the researchers from every domain. Everyone can have free, open, and unlimited access for in-depth information. Good research idea leads to more focus to identify important areas of research. Also serves as base for determination of potentials to explore more in such areas. Similarly, thesis is the most important notion in academic expository writing. A few students search on Google “write my assignment” for their assignment topics. However thesis sentence focuses on the whole paper’s ideas: a strong argument glazed in just a single sentence, giving reader main idea of the whole study. Therefore, the effective the topic chosen, the efficacious the contribution to the successful grades will be; Google Scholar Thesis topics have that’s why served to be the most effective for students’ academic career.

    Google Scholar for secondary data availability option

    For effective selection of the research topics, it must be ensured that the research is already conducted somewhere and data is already available; Google Scholar being the best source for that. It’s not new occurrence, yet many students being unaware of it. It serves as search engine for academic applications, mostly thesis and get dissertations help. Writing whole thesis on Google scholar can be tough and somehow hectic, but with little help and support, you can get succeed. Our Google scholar topics have spent the hours studying thesis ideas over Google Scholar for an outstanding list to get delivered, hence proposals first.

    Here is that list of some of fantastic Google scholar Research Proposal topics

    1. Determining the ways to use search engines for effective decision making
    2. Relationship between search engine relevance and the clicks.
    3. Comparison between search engines and social networks for the purpose of information seeking

    Proposal topics are serving as base for thesis build-ups, that’s why Google Scholar Research Proposal topics must be strong enough to catch viewers and readers attention, and build their interest towards whole study material.

    Google Scholar research best topic for thesis in education are aiding as best source for students. Talking about thesis paper, involving comprehensive research and being prerequisite for the completion of master degree. Hence, must considering the vitality while choosing the topic. Below are some of exciting topics one must explore:

    1. Who is more employable: Men or women?
    2. What are the measures to prevent bullying at schools?
    3. Determining the trends of climatic change over last 5 years.
    4. Correlation between institute status and students’ performance.
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    Exploring more? Here is another interesting list for the Accounting Research topics

    Google Scholar Quantitative Research topics are considered as ones carrying any quantifiable research data, whereas other than that known as Google scholar Qualitative research topics (which cannot be quantified), exemplifying some of quantitative ones below:

    1. Capital budgeting: what is it all about?
    2. Correlation between job satisfaction and employee turnover
    3. Influence of unemployment rate on economic inflation rate
    4. Relationship between innovation and the fiscal decentralization
    5. Influence of immigrants towards crime statics

    List of Creative Google Scholar Research topics in Marketing

    Creativity is the crucial element for great topics development and catching the readers’ attention. A creative marketing topic furthermore serves as ultimate source in maximizing business profits. Hence some of the Google Scholar research topics in business serving for marketing base as well, are:

    1. Analysis of customer retention in e-commerce business
    2. Ways companies influencing/ impacting consumer buying behaviors
    3. Ways for businesses to position themselves for hard economic times.

    Google Scholar usage to find relevant Research Content and Ideas

    Google Scholar is more user-friendly that requires less efforts for researching; keywords rather whole big sentences.  It can further be break down to 8 different strategies for Google scholar to be used for content Ideas:

    1. Searching by year for finding latest and trending topics

    More relevant research papers can be found by year filter.

    2. Exploring related articles on definite topics

    It allows similar articles to get explored for more ideas and in-depth knowledge.

    3. Exploring most popular publications and articles

    It allows browsing top 100 publications in different languages, allowing you to see publication article most often being cited and by whom. It can be used to see what topics they cover and which authors are most cited, content ideas to be found for your own blog topics.

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    4. Following citations for additional ideas

    Using ‘Cited by Options’ lead you to other relevant search within that database.

    5. Narrow down your Results by Field

    An advanced function allowing users to use keywords, places of occurrence, and phrases. You can also segment your search by dates, publishers, and authors.

    6. Using Research Keywords for informing search

    Keywords can be used for content ideas’ inspirations, great source for finding related ideas for article’s quality improvement.

    7. Finding competitor and Industry topics

    Another effective strategy is using Google Scholar for finding out the topics that related industry players and competitors are using.

    8. Using Google Scholar for expanding the customer base

    You can try to search for topics that are relevant to the industry and ones writing about them.
    Research Topics along with their Aims and Objectives.

    Aim and objectives

    This study aims;

    • To find out different search engines that are used for different research materials, within different domains.
    • To explore which engines are effective for which domain specified research.
    • To determine different ways through which these search engines are used.
    • To determine ways in which these search engines are useful in making effective decision makings.
    • In last, to recommend the effective methods for different domains related researches.

    Aim and objectives

    This study aims the following:

    • To understand the search engine optimisation techniques.
    • To understand how search engine is relevant on per click website data.
    • To find out the relationship between search engine optimisation on quality of website traffic.
    • To find out the relationship between search engine optimisation on quantity of website traffic.
    • To analyse and accordingly recommend the optimizing search engines by using clickthrough data.

    Aim and objectives

    This study mainly focuses on making comparisons between different search engines and the social networks:

    • To analyse the impact of social media networks for the information seeking tenacity.
    • To analyse the impact of different search engines usage for the information seeking tenacity.
    • To analyse by making comparisons between social networks and the searching engines, by checking frequency of re-finding the items.
    • To analyse the frequency between both the methods towards exploratory tasks.

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    Aim and objectives

    This study aims to answer the most challenging answers of todays, and focuses on following aims:

    • To analyse who are more achieved towards effective communication skills: men and women.
    • To analyse who are more manageable towards the problem solving and self-management: men or women.
    • To critically analyse who do have better leadership skills: men or women?
    • To analyse who is more self-motivated towards the work? Men or women?
    • To analyse who do have more teamwork and collaborative skills, as professional behaviour: men or women?

    Aim and objectives

    This study helps in finding out the following:

    • To understand different cybercrimes being used at the schools.
    • To identify and analyse different prevention methods being used in school.
    • To determine the best bullying prevention programs within school systems.
    • Identifying the importance of bullying prevention awareness trainings in schools.
    • To provide recommendations for implementing the anti-bullying methods and campaigns.

    Aim and objectives

    The study aims;

    • To find out the relationship between institutional set standards, practices to the student participation
    • To find out relationship between skilled staff on student learning and motivation.
    • To find out relationship between skilled staff on students’ grades and student achievement across various academic subjects.
    • To determine the role of quality institutional staff on increasing classroom performance.
    • To determine the role of quality institutional staff on increasing graduation rates.

    Aim and objectives

    The main objective of this study is to explore the important information about the capital budgeting of the businesses. To get this objective done, further aims have been established, that are:

    • To understand the role of capital budgeting in businesses.
    • To determine analysis methods for capital budgeting.
    • To identify the different capital budgeting techniques.
    • To determine role of each technique in effective investment decision making.
    • To determine the role of capital budgeting in financial commitment of the organizations.

    Aim and objectives

    This study aims identify the following objectives:

    • To find out the relationship between working flexibility on the employee turnover rate.
    • To determine development opportunities on changing employee turnover trends.
    • To determine the relationship between varying working conditions on employee satisfaction and dedication (by means of their total annual leaves).
    • To determine the relationship between employee autonomy on employee annual retention rate.

    Aims and objectives of this study are:

    • To determine the impact of unemployment trends on changing prices of the goods and services consumed within the country.
    • To determine the impact of unemployment rate on the economic CPI.
    • To determine the impact of unemployment rate on the economic PCE (Personal consumption Expenditures).
    • To determine the impact of unemployment rate on the RPI (Retail Price Index).

    Aims and objectives

    • To identify the relationship between adopting green technology innovation on the fiscal decentralisation.
    • To analyse the relationship between the green total factors of production on the fiscal decentralisation of the economy.
    • To analyse the relationship between fiscal decentralisation and the environmental innovation.
    • To recommend the ways for financial decentralisation level optimisations for the innovative development regulations of the economy.

    Aims and objectives

    • This study aims; to analyse the impact of increasing immigrants to the economic crime records.
    • To analyse the trend of immigrants impacting the economy’s criminal physical abuse rate.
    • To analyse impact of immigrants trends on the UCR Supplementary Homicide Reports.
    • To provide the recommendations for improving criminal records to reduce their crime effects and crime rates.

    Aims and objectives

    • To analyse the role of improved customers support towards online businesses.
    • To analyse customer retention strategies for the online business segments.
    • To analyse the role of personalised shopping experiences towards online customer services.
    • Analysing role of smooth on-boarding processes to the online order managements.
    • Analysing customer loyalty programs and rewards impacting the positive growth of online business.

    Aims and objectives

    • This study aims to find out the useful methods for increasing consumer buying behaviours.
    • To find out the ways that companies use to increase their customers’ habitual buying behaviours.
    • Determining different methods to influence different stages of consumer buying behaviours.
    • Analyse psychological impacts towards consumer buying habits.
    • To analyse the environmental factors influencing the customers’ buying habits.

    Aims and objectives

    • This study aims to find out/ determine the ways businesses effort to avoid the excessive debts.
    • How investments are working for the business stability during hard and strong economic debt situations.
    • Identifying the ways/ methods/ efforts that business put to avoid the disastrous Pandemic019 situations.
    • Identifying methods for businesses backing back to their post-pandemic normal situations.
    • Also aims to recommend businesses for better strategies adaptation to deal with hard economic situations like; post-pandemic circumstances, high inflation, increased unemployment levels, etc.

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