How to Write Thesis in APA Style Format? Complete Guideline

The APA style is a highly accepted thesis format for research paper or other academic papers that include thesis and dissertations. It guides students to format and cite the sources that ensure precision and uniformity in academic writing.

Following an appropriate APA-style thesis format for phd or other levels is very important. It is a careful process requiring a particular set of guidelines to follow. For a well-structured and challenging thesis, it is crucial for a researcher or graduate student to get insights into the APA style and its components.

Understanding The Purpose Of The Thesis

A thesis is considered to be a knowledgeable keystone of academic research. It summarizes the findings of the complex study of the students and critical analysis of a particular topic. The purpose of the thesis is not just limited to simple academic exercises. But it also shows a great contribution to the pool of knowledge. Understanding its purpose is equally crucial for students as well as teachers. Many individuals find this task very challenging which can impact their academic performances. This is why many of them seek cheap thesis writing service from professionals to make it an easy task. These professionals have a team of writers who are qualified in a particular subject area. They have an idea of how to write an impressive thesis.

A thesis is a platform for creativity and modernization. It forces students to get insights into their chosen subject area and understand what is the format for a thesis statement or other sections of the thesis. It recognizes the gaps in existing knowledge and crafts research questions that fill this gap. In-depth research, data collection, and analysis allow students to enhance their understanding as well as contribute new knowledge to the field.

Additionally, a thesis demonstrates the ability of the student to think critically, conduct in-depth research, and communicate findings effectively. Such skills are important within academics as well as multiple professional situations where problem-solving and decision-making are vital. Many service providers are also providing MPhil thesis writing services in US today to help students get the work done professionally. It helps them to impress their instructors and achieve academic success.

Moreover, a thesis evaluates the core of academic integrity which stresses the importance of citing sources and acknowledges previous work. This ethical aspect highlights the basis for academic scholarship and strengthens the concept of knowledge as a combined struggle.

At the core, the thesis is not only a requirement for academic degrees but it also aids in personal and intellectual growth. It also contributes to the body of knowledge and evidence of the capability of the student for critical thinking and research.

Steps To Follow For APA Style Thesis Format For Research Paper

Here are the ways to write a thesis in APA style format. We have also discussed the thesis apa format example for the purpose of good understanding.

Title page

The title is the first thing that attracts a reader to your thesis. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to format thesis title page appropriately. It must be concise, revealing, and positioned on the page. Provide the details of your name, the institution’s name, the thesis title, and the data in this section. Make sure to have a gap in the text.


An abstract is the summary of your thesis or a thesis format sample usually consists of almost 150 to 250 words. It includes the description of your research problem, methodology, results, and conclusion. The abstract is written in a single paragraph and placed on a separate page after the title page.

Heading and subheadings

Here is a particular order to be followed for headings and subheadings to arrange the content in APA style. The text must be bold and italic for headings and follow this format:

Heading 1: Title case, bold, and centered.

Heading 2:Flush left, bold, title case.

Heading 3: Intended, bold, sentence case.

In-text citations

For APA style, you must use in-text citations to make the paper authentic and give credit to the sources you have used. It involves the last name of the author and publication year in parentheses (e.g., Field, 2023). You can also add the page number for direct quotations (e.g., Field, 2023, p. 30). Use the symbol (&) within parenthesis when there is more than one author.

Reference page

List all the sources you have used in your thesis on the reference page. Organize them alphabetically with the last name of the author. Follow an accurate format for each entry. It includes the author’s name, publication year, title, and publication details.

All the sources that are added in the references section are required to be cited in the body of the thesis. While the sources cited throughout the paper need to be added in the references section. (Degelman, Harris, May, 2000)

Citations for diverse Source types

There are particular guidelines for citing different sources that include journal articles, websites, books, and more. Follow these guidelines to ensure appropriateness and consistency in citations in your thesis.


Direct quotations must be concise and in in-text citations, you need to add the page number. Use the block quote format for quotations with 40 or more words. Block quotation format includes indenting the complete quote from the left margin.

Citations for tables and figures

You need to add clear and concise captions explaining the content for figures and tables. Provide the citations for the sources used below the figure or table. The number of figures and tables should be in a sequence (e.g., Table 1, Figure 2).

Reference management software

You can also use reference management software to arrange and format the citations and references in APA style. Such tools are very useful for saving time and ensuring appropriateness.

Proofreading and formatting

Proofread the thesis comprehensively and check grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors. Carefully check the citation formatting, headings, and the reference page. Accuracy and consistency are the keys to APA style format. You can also seek help from experts just like you Buy PhD thesis online to proofread your work. Because, many students can not find the mistakes in their own work.

Access the publication manual

The publication manual of the APA is an ultimate guide for the APA style which is currently in its 7th edition. It helps to get insights on all APA formatting aspects. It should be consulted for particular questions or issues arising during the thesis writing process.

Significance Of Thesis Writing In Appropriate Style Format

For several reasons, it is very significant to write a thesis following the proper style format. Following the APA, MLA, Chicago, or other particular style formats ensures consistency and equality in presenting the research findings. With this consistency, readers, reviewers, and scholars can resolve the issue of the thesis effectively which promotes clarity and understanding.

Additionally, it improves the credibility and authenticity of the thesis. Many individuals choose to seek the best research paper writing services in USA just for the sake of enhancing the credibility of the work. It shows careful attention to detail and commitment to academic standards. This creates a good impression on evaluators as well as sets high standards for the research itself. It reflects the consistency and accuracy employed in the study.

The thesis style format is also considered to be a communication tool. It leads researchers to cite sources properly and give credit to the work of others. It acknowledges the scholarly contributions of other and help avoid plagiarism which enhances academic integrity.

Moreover, following a style format helps in arranging the thesis from the title page to the reference list. It provides a fundamental framework for restructuring the writing process. It aids the writers as well as readers in finding important and relevant information efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are some specific guidelines to follow when formatting tables and figures with an APA-style thesis. The number and title of the tables must be above, figures on the other hand have the numbers and titles below. Use clear and concise labels and make sure the font size and style follow consistency. APA guidelines must be followed to cite sources within tables and figures.

APA style follows some guidelines for the body of thesis. It includes the 12-size Times New Roman Font, double spacing, one-inch margin, and page number in the header. Keep a clear and organized format with headings and subheadings. It will enhance the readability and understanding of the content.

In-text citations and references in APA style format in a thesis follow some guidelines. In-text citation involves the last name of the author and publication year in parenthesis. In the references section, list sources alphabetically by the last name of the author along with full publication details.

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