How to Write a Statement of the Problem in Thesis?

For conducting research, a problem statement is going to be an essential point! If you are at the introduction chapter, and you have to write the problem statement, then make sure that it is adding all the important issues of the investigation to make a perfect reason for the research. The statement should be written at a specific time when the researcher is aware of the main concerns of the investigation.


Problem Statement & Its Purpose In Your Thesis

Everything in the thesis is there with a purpose, for example the purpose of the investigation supports the major role of the investigation. The research always comes up with a problem for any research paper help, this problem is best described in the section of the problem statement.

What is a statement of the problem?

A problem statement is a sentence that is very explanatory in highlighting the main opinion of the research question. It uses the plan of focus for the whole investigation mechanism. It is not a short sentence, because it may comprise the whole discussion thematically.

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Why is the problem statement important?

Of course, the problem statement is important! This fact cannot be denied. It is the main pillar of the research; the researcher will be unable to carry the investigation unless there is some problem. Well, research take more time and if you have HRM research paper writing service. It is giving the main skeleton to the research plan so the researcher may follow the thematic plan given on account of the problem statement.

Key Points To Remember Before Writing Statement Of The Problem

Some main points should never be ignored while writing down the problem statement for the thesis. They are:

  • Describe how things should work!

One should elaborate that what is the context of happenings in the thesis plan. The things sequence and their work trends should be discussed sequentially.

  • Explain the problem, why it matters?

One should tell the opinion in the problem statement that why the issue is there, why it is very important and why it is happening.

  • Explain the problem’s financial costs!

The problem might be impacting the financial space as well so the financial opinion will be catered in addition.

  • Propose a way out!

The problem is there, so there might be some solution to it. The problem statement will not directly lead to the solution but it may propose one.

When Should You Write A Statement of the Problem?

The researcher will not write down the problem statement in the very opening of work. Indeed, the researcher will be streamlining the main themes of the research and sorting out the major and minor concerns. One may write the problem statement when the introduction chapter is almost near to the end. It is because, at this time, the researcher can note down the main opinions and manage the main points of the analysis to finalise the problem statement.

Guide To Write A Statement Of The Problem

The problem statement is not simple and forthright, it is giving the opinion about the major plan that why the current research is existing. It is also formulating the focus of work that why the research process can proceed and investigation is going on.

Key to have complete knowledge of the problem

The problem statement is the complete package to reach the main opinion of the research. It is streamlining the proper plan to ensure that there is some concern for discussion. It is a smart statement but it should be comprehensive in all regards!

– Practical Research Problem Statement

A practical research problem statement is highlighting the problem in truly elaborated form. It is giving complete knowledge of the problem.

– Theoretical Research Problem Statement

The theoretical problem statement is holding more concern for availing theoretical framework and applications of theories.

Importance & Relevance Of Your Problem

The problem statement should be relevant, it should not be discussing any useless or irrelevant idea in the present time.

– Practical Research Problem Statement

The practical problem statement will apply the relevancy rule in the problem statement’s main framework.

– Theoretical Research Problem Statement

The theoretical research should be motivated to apply the theories of relevant support to develop a problem statement with complete relevance of theory in the statement.

Write The Aims & Objectives

It is always essential to ensure that the problem statement is succeeding in framing the aims and objectives of the problem discussed in the whole topic.

– Practical Research Problem Statement

The practical research problem will envelop the aim and objectives for sue while modifying the problem statement.

– Theoretical Research Problem Statement

The aims and objectives should be enveloped in relevancy with the applications of the theories in describing the problem statement.

Impact of the solution you propose

There is a positive impact of the proposed solutions upon the problem statement and the flow of the research. A problem statement with the hidden proposed solution in it is a guideline not only for the researcher but also for the reader. This may track the time and carry better support to learn from the proposed way out. It is the roadmap that is leading the researcher to the last point of the research sequentially.

Do’s and Don’ts


Let us see through an example

The problem statement is displayed in varied manners according to the requirements of the research topic and its areas. The problem statement depicts the best opinion about what, why, how and when of the research concerns.

Take Away

  • The introduction chapter is the window opening to the whole thesis.
  • The introduction chapter shapes the whole dissertation plan.
  • The introduction chapter should be concise in discussing the headings and sub headings.
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